We’ve just launched Jumpeye framework

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We’ve just launched Jumpeye framework
October 31, 2012 07:11AM
We proudly announce that we have just launched our new responsive grid framework, Jumpeye framework. The framework helps you create adaptive and mobile-friendly websites for any type of devices.

A huge set of stylish responsive UI elements are included in the framework: buttons, drop down menus, tabs, panels, forms, tooltips, alerts, tables and others. You can easily customize these elements using the ready-made CSS classes.

Jumpeye framework also contains two responsive components: a photo gallery and an image and content slider. Using these components you can easily create image and content sliders, photo galleries, slideshows or portfolios inside your responsive website built with the framework's grid.
Re: We’ve just launched Jumpeye framework
January 15, 2013 11:41AM
I'm contemplating purchase, and after downloading the demo, I'm wondering if there are additional files, or documentation, for putting your framework into play.

I'm also considering this as an example 'framework' in a blogpost under development.

How is this different than grid960, and others? Granted, it is responsive, and is outfitted with a slew of components to be sure. But instructions for creating even the first page of a site are a bit lacking.

And yes, I'm aware this is not a theme, or a ready made/built website, but still curious as to what simply provisioning the purchaser with pages full of components and elements really is worth the subscription/key fee.

Thanks in advance, and happy to see you're back from vacation.


(edit) I see now that there is also a slew of base64 encodes floating about. from a security standpoint, not so much in favor of that. are those too removed/switched out after 'purchase'?

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Re: We’ve just launched Jumpeye framework
April 06, 2015 06:59PM
This should be fantastic contact us if you need any help with logistics dkb despatch
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