The free version of Jumpeye framework is fully functional but watermarked. To remove the watermark you need a domain key.
$49 / domain
$6.9 / domain
$0.99 / domain

Non-commercial license

You should get the Non-commercial license ONLY if you are going to use this product for non-commercial projects. If you plan to use this product to create content for a website/project that will generate ANY type of income, you should get a commercial license instead.

Commercial license

You should get a commercial license if you are going to use Jumpeye framework for any kind of commercial projects.

Inside the pack

The framework includes:
- the core JS file
- the grid CSS file
- the CSS and JS files of the UI elements
- a JS photo gallery component
- a JS image & content slider component
- a responsive Wordpress theme
- two responsive website templates built with the framework
- sample files that present each element and component in action.


Jumpeye framework ensures the perfect compatibility with all the major web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8+.
By using the fluid grid system the websites will have a mobile-friendly layout on any mobile devices, such as iOS and Android-enabled smartphones and tablets.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for Jumpeye framework to work.
Key features
- Flexible grid structure
- Responsive design
- Online grid generator
- Stylish UI elements: buttons, panels, tabs, menus, alerts tooltips, forms and more
- Huge set of ready-made CSS classes for each type of element
- Fully responsive photo gallery component with folder support for portfolios
- Fully responsive image and content slider component
- Fully functional responsive website templates
Why to use Jumpeye Framework?
- Develop only one website with responsive design for all devices
- Create prototypes and templates, which can be adapted in your future projects
- Use stunning UI elements with ready-made CSS styles
- Create fully responsive image and content sliders, photo galleries, slideshows, portfolios
- The usage of the components and UI elements is very easy and timesaving
- Build responsive websites easily starting from the included templates
OEM License
If you need to embed Jumpeye framework in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-Jumpeye Framework customers) to edit and create their own sites, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.
Contact us if you have questions about the OEM License