Work around for JC.loadPage?

Posted by user743851 
Work around for JC.loadPage?
March 20, 2013 07:00AM
Is there an alternative way to use Jumpeye framework Buttons without using the JC_loadPage function?

I have tried unsuccessfully to use the following code for Buttons in a client's site:

<button class="small light-gray button style-1" onclick="window.location.href='#contact'; JC.loadPage('contact.html', 'none');">Contact Us</button>

The ecommerce site I am developing is being employed within the Adobe Business Catalyst web hosting platform ( Although Adobe Catalyst has very robust capabilities, there is something within their As a Service (SAS) system that causes the JC.loadPage function to fail. I have been able to work around that system for web page loading, but how else can I get Jumpeye Framework Buttons to link to/load a web page (short of building my own rollover buttons)?
Re: Work around for JC.loadPage?
March 21, 2013 05:37PM
Turns out the problem was with the JFCore.js file. Somehow that file on the client's server was corrupted (137KB vs 140KB). Once I re-downloaded JC Framework and re-installed JFCore.js on the site, everything (including buttons and slider), worked fine.

Took a few agonizing days of effort to isolate that problem, and no idea how the file was damaged (perhaps a download error), but thankfully this problem was easily resolved.
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