Internet Explorer 8 support

Posted by riodigital 
Internet Explorer 8 support
October 31, 2012 11:03AM

I'm interested in this framework, but theres one thing bugging me and it is (surprise) IE. I'd like to have full support for IE8 for the functionality (not the looks). For example, the image gallery seems to work poorly on IE8 and is missing the control bar etc. Also forms will not show placeholder content, and I'm sure theres more to find out.

IE8 is in most cases still mandatory for me or actually for my clients.. tho it's not necessary to have rounded corners, but atleast overall fully functional IE8 experience for the users.
Re: Internet Explorer 8 support
November 01, 2012 08:48AM
We understand and we are actually aware of these problems. We will try to fix them and update the package as soon as possible.
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